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July 4th Salute to Citizen-Soldiers with the New York Army National Guard

As we celebrate the Fourth of July, remember that citizen soldiers from New York helped secure our nation’s freedom. That spirit lives on today in the New York Army National Guard (NYARNG). We have created a campaign to help your community understand the NYARNG’s vital mission and to learn about the career opportunities that are available.

The NYARNG will make local personnel available for interviews at your radio or television station. The interviews can also be done remotely. Interviews should take place just before or on the Fourth of July.

If you are interested in interviewing a representative of the NY Army National Guard from your community, contact Trevor at Trevor will send you the contact information for your local NY Army National Guard representative. Stations should set up the interview directly with NYARNG’s representative.

So, join us and help celebrate the Fourth of July with the women and men of the NYARNG who make Independence Day possible. These interviews will help stations meet their FCC public service obligations and can be listed on your quarterly issues program list.

This offer is for NYSBA members only.



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