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Governor Hochul Signs New “Deceptive” Political AI Legislation

As we reported in the June 11th edition of NewStream, the New York Legislature passed a new bill dealing with a station’s obligations regarding broadcasting political communications that contain deceptive digital images, video, or voice. We are happy to report that the Governor has signed the legislation. The new law becomes effective immediately.

The new law makes it clear that Federal law controls with respect to editing or adding labels to political campaign ads. Under federal law, stations may not edit or attach labels to political advertisements purchased by a candidate’s authorized campaign committee. The new law also will hold stations responsible only if they have actual knowledge that a campaign ad or video used for newscasts contains deceptive material.

Stations will be required to adopt a policy stating that they will not broadcast content that contains deceptive digital material or AI. However, stations are not required to become policemen and investigate every political advertisement. 

NYSBA will be hosting a webinar in the near future outlining the steps needed to comply with the new law.  

This is a win for broadcasters. It reduces the risk that stations will be dragged into litigation that involves disputes between candidates.

You can obtain more information about the new law here.



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