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FCC to Reconsider Removing Radio Duplication Rules

For years, the FCC had a rule prohibiting two commonly owned radio stations serving the same area with the same service (AM or FM) from duplicating more than 25% of their programming. In 2020, the FCC eliminated the radio duplication rule for both AM and FM facilities. The FCC has been in the process of considering petitions for reconsideration of that decision.


It now appears the FCC may be moving forward with the reconsideration petitions. In this regard, it is worth noting that Commissioners Rosenworcel and Starks dissented from the 2020 decision to eliminate the duplication rule of both AM and FM stations. At the time, both commissioners stated that the rule should only be eliminated for AM stations and remain in place for FM stations. Now that Commissioner Rosenworcel is the chairperson and with 3 democratic votes, we could possibly see a reinstatement of the rule for FM stations. We are keeping a close watch on this one.


You can see the FCC’s 2020 decision eliminating the duplication rule for AM and FM radio here.


You can see a good article on the subject in Inside Radio here.



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