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FCC’s Media Bureau Asks for Comment on New Class A-10 FM Radio Service

The FCC’s Media Bureau asked for comments on a petition for rulemaking proposing the creation of a new class of FM stations - Class A10. Under FCC rules, any entity may file a petition for rulemaking seeking to change the FCC’s rules. According to the Media Bureau’s Public Notice:


By this Public Notice, the Media Bureau (Bureau) seeks comment on the Petition for Rulemaking (Petition) submitted by Commander Communication Corporation (Commander) on June 13, 2024. In the Petition, Commander requests that the Commission create a new FM station class “A10.” Commander proposes specific operating parameters for the new Class A10 stations of a maximum of 10,000 watts effective radiated power (ERP) and 100 meters height above average terrain (HAAT), as well as amendments to the existing facilities requirements and minimum distance separation requirements to accommodate a new FM station class.  This proposal is intended to supersede an earlier proposal for a new “Class C4” category of FM station.

The fact that the FCC put the petition out for public comment does not mean it is looking to adopt the rules. There is a long way to go in the process. At a minimum, the FCC would have to open a formal proceeding by issuing a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. Putting the petition out for comment is a preliminary step to determine if the FCC should consider this proposal.


Nonetheless, the petition contemplates a dramatic change in the FCC’s FM table of allotments. It is something that we should watch closely. Comments on the petition are due July 22, and reply comments are due August 21.   


You can access the Media Bureaus Public Notice here.




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