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FCC Looks to Increase Regulations on Class A, LPTV, and Translators

At its June meeting, the FCC will begin a proceeding looking at increasing the regulation of Class A, LPTV, and translator stations. According to the FCC, these stations are now a mature part of the media market and should be subject to the online public inspection file (OPIF) regulations similar to those that apply to full-service stations.


  • Whether to require top-four network-affiliated LPTV stations to comply with the same online public file (OPIF) requirements applicable to full power and Class A television stations, or

  • Whether OPIF requirements should be applied to LPTV stations that are among the top-four TV stations in each market based on the Nielsen ratings.

  • Adopt procedures for LPTV stations to establish an OPIF and propose to make public inspection and political broadcasting rules applicable to all LPTV stations.

  • Propose technical and operational amendments including whether to:

o   Amend the method for calculating the maximum distance that a displaced or channel-sharing station may move under our displacement rule.

o   Clarify the maximum distance that Class A and LPTV/TV translator stations may move under our minor modification rule.

o   Require that Class A and LPTV/TV translator stations specify a community of license within their station’s contour.

o   Adopt minimum operating and defined minimum video program requirements for LPTV stations.

o   Require stations in the LPTV Service to seek authority to change the designation and maintain a call sign consistent with their class of service.

o   Specify requirements pertaining to emissions masks.

o   Prohibit LPTV/TV translator station operations above TV channel 36.

o   Clarify the circumstances in which LPTV/TV translator stations are eligible for displacement.


This proposal will impact a number of LPTV and Class A stations in New York. Indeed, a number of affiliates in New York markets rely on LPTV stations to reach their audiences. NYSBA will be keeping a close watch on this.

You can see the FCC’s proposal here



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