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FCC - BAS and CARS License Must Certify Information by Nov. 29

By this public notice, the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (WTB), in coordination with the Media Bureau (MB), (1) provides detailed instructions for 12.7 GHz band BAS and CARS licensees to file certifications regarding existing information in the Universal Licensing System (ULS) and the Cable Operations & Licensing System (COALS), respectively; and (2) establishes a window for the filing of these certifications.

Generally, 12.7 GHz band BAS and CARS licensees may file their required certifications beginning on or after the release date of this public notice. The deadline for filing required certifications is no later than November 29, 2023.

If a licensee is unable to make the certification for a license because, e.g., required technical data are inaccurate, missing, or incomplete, the license has terminated automatically, or the facilities are not operating as authorized, the licensee must cancel the license or file a modification application to correct the data reflected in the license no later than November 29, 2023 (see section 4, below). If such a modification application is granted, the modified license will be considered timely certified.

For more details, see the FCC’s Public Notice here.



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