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EAS: 90 Day Extension Given to Stations with SAGE Equipment. Dec 12th Deadline Remains for Others

As noted earlier, the FCC rules require stations to implement an EAS system in which priority is given to emergency messages received through IPAWS/CAP as opposed to the traditional EAS system. If the message is received through the traditional EAS system first, the station is required to wait at least 10 seconds for the system to receive the message through IPAWS/CAP. If it does not receive the IPAWS/CAP message, it can broadcast the alert message received through the traditional EAS system.

The deadline for compliance is December 12th. Because of issues with SAGE Equipment, the FCC just granted a 90-day extension. The FCC stated:

“We provide an additional 90 days for compliance with Section 11.55(c)(2) only to those EAS Participants that are customers of Sage and thus affected by the delay in delivery of the firmware update.  The Extension Request does not provide a basis for granting a blanket waiver to all EAS Participants, nor do we believe it would serve the public interest to extend the deadline where circumstances do not warrant it.  Accordingly, we expect all other EAS Participants to comply with the December 12, 2023, deadline.”

Again, this extension applies only to those stations with SAGE Equipment. All other stations must install equipment prioritizing alert messages that come through the IPAWS/CAP system by December 12th.

You can see a copy of the FCC’s decision here.



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