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Can AI-Created Music Match Human Composers?

One of the key questions about AI is whether it can replace humans with respect to composing music. A study by SoundOut found that humans are still the best, at least for now. According to an article appearing in TV Newcheck:

“A new study into generative AI in music production shows that machine learning tools, while promising, lag human composers in creating music with emotional impact.  Conducted by SoundOut, a provider of music testing, and Stephen Arnold Music (SAM), a sonic branding specialist, the study compared music produced by Gen AI with human composed music and found that humans hold the edge for emotional accuracy and appeal especially in producing music for brands.”

The article goes on to state, “While humans outperform AI on the emotional front, this study reveals that AI ‘composing by numbers’ is not far behind,” says SoundOut CEO David Courtier Dutton. “AI is not bad at creating emotionally appealing music, but humans are better.” At least for now, score one for the humans.

You can see the complete article in TV NewsCheck here


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I appreciate this study. It suggests AI music creation is getting impressive, but still lacks the human touch. It can't quite capture the emotional depth that makes Buckshot Roulette music truly resonate

Me gusta
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