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Broadcast Applications Move to New FCC Database Next Week

Starting on July 26, 2023, all the remaining broadcast applications not yet available in the FCC’s LMS database will be transitioning to that database. Thus, for the first time, the following applications should be filed in LMS starting on July 26:

  • Application for Construction Permit for AM Broadcast Station

  • Application for AM Broadcast Station License

  • Application for Direct Measurement of AM Broadcast Station

  • AM Engineering Special Temporary Authorization (STA)

  • Extension of AM Engineering STA

  • Application for Construction Permit for New Class D Noncommercial Educational FM Broadcast Station

  • Application for Construction Permit for New Low Power FM Station

  • Equipment Test Authority Notification

  • Program Test Authority Notification

  • Restoration of Licensed Operation

You can see the Media Bureaus Notice here.



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