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ANA STUDY: Programmatic Advertising Wastes $13 Billion

As reported in a recent Media Post Agency Daily, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) has released a study documenting significant problems with programmatic advertising buys. According to the article in Media Post Agency Daily:

“The current programmatic media ecosystem is “rife with waste” to the tune of $13 billion and maybe as much as $20 billion according to a new study by the Association of National Advertisers.
The organization issued what it called a 'first look' today of a more in-depth study that will be issued later this year.
And the report lays much of the blame for inefficiencies in the programmatic arena on the advertisers that utilize it, saying that they too often put cost ahead of value and more generally fail to exercise proper stewardship over investments in the space.
The report cites so-called 'made for advertising' websites which it asserts account for 15% of the current $88 billion open programmatic web market, which the study focused on and which accounts for about 17% of the digital ad market. Such websites, per the report, usually feature low-quality content including fake news and conspiracy theories. Such sites are also rife with links to spam, pop-up ads and other intrusive formats to maximize revenue.”

You can access the complete article in Media Post Agency Daily here.



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