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AI in Media Webinars on Feb 21st & 28th

Join us for two “Ask Me Anything” webinars about AI in the media with Futuri executives Daniel Anstandig (CEO) and Sophie Fry (CIO). They will discuss how AI can fuel your sales, programming, and local audiences. The first of the two-part series will cover radio and is set to take place on February 21 at 2 PM. A week later, on February 28 at 2 PM, the webinar will focus on TV. 

Daniel and Sophie will answer your questions and have an open floor discussion. The conversation will also cover the possibility of an AI/Human business model for TV and radio. This AMA is a valuable resource to help you learn about leveraging AI to diversify revenue streams, streamline content repurposing, and strengthen community engagement. In a rapidly changing, hyper-competitive market, this is a must-see webinar series.

This webinar is being offered to NYSBA members in good standing free of charge.

You can submit a question in advance and register for the webinar(s) by clicking here.



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