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Political Artificial Intelligence Legislation Introduced

We are working on three NY “AI” political bills (S.8631, A.7106B, S6638B) that are not in the budget. These bills would require stations to label political ads that contain AI. Because you cannot readily detect AI, the obligations must be placed on the creator of the ads, not the broadcasters. Moreover, federal law prohibits a station from editing a political advertisement received from a candidate’s campaign committee. This includes adding a label. 

We oppose the bills as drafted. We have meetings this week and will report back.

You can see the text of S 8631/A9816 here.

You can see the text of A7106B/S6638B here.


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That's how we plan to prepare for what we are doing and what we will do next. As I have planned for the whole week, I will probably just stay at home to play Fun Games

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