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NAB Prepares “Tool Kit” to Help Keep AM Radios in Electric Vehicles

To help with the campaign to keep AM receivers in Electric Vehicles (EVs), NAB has prepared a number of materials to help stations present this issue to members of Congress and state policymakers. According to the NAB:

"Ongoing reports of certain automakers removing AM radio from their automobiles is of great concern to all of us at NAB and within the radio industry.
We are working with media and policymakers to shine a light on the risk this poses to public safety and have developed tools to allow AM listeners to tell their members of Congress to advocate for AM radio in vehicles.
While NAB leads broadcast advocacy in Washington, D.C., local radio stations have an important role to play in touting the benefits of AM radio. It is important that we remind automakers that more than 80 million Americans depend on AM radio for public safety, weather, traffic, news, community connection, entertainment and more."

The tool kit contains a variety of information, including radio spots, that are designed to help keep AM received in EVs. NAB is asking stations to use these tools below to talk about the many benefits of AM radio on your station’s airwaves, online, and in direct appeals to listeners.

You may access NAB’s AM radio Took Kit here.

NAB has provided additional information about the problem of AM receivers in EVs here.

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