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FCC Nabs Two New York Pirates

The FCC continues its efforts to move against illegal pirate radio stations. Under the PIRATE Act, property owners may be held liable if they allow an illegal pirate station to operate on their property. The FCC’s most recent actions involved notifying property owners in New York that illegal pirate stations were operating on their property. Notices were sent to:

Poughkeepsie: Signals were emanating on 87.9 FM from the property at Albert Road,

Poughkeepsie, New York

Mount Vernon: Radio signals on frequency 104.5 FM were emanating from the property at South 3rd Avenue, Mount Vernon, New York.

We strongly support the FCC’s efforts in routing out illegal radio stations in New York. The FCC's Enforcement Bureau, especially the Region 1 Office in New York, is doing an outstanding job.


You can see the notice concerning 87.9 FM in Poughkeepsie here.

You can see the notice concerning 104.5 FM in Mount Vernon here. 

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