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Automakers Lobby Against AM Bill

While we have made significant progress in securing support for the AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act (S. 16669 and H.R. 3413), the major automakers are not backing down. According to an article in Radio Ink, the major automakers spent considerable amounts to block the bill. 

“GM raised its lobbying spend in Q4 2023 to $2.82 million, tying it for the tenth highest-spending corporate lobbyer with Google.  The company spent $2.45 million in the third quarter.  According to required lobbying disclosures, “S.1669/H.R. 3413, AM Radio” was listed among the policies a team of five, including some of GM’s senior lobbyists, pushed in the House of Representatives and the Senate.”

According to the article, Honda, Ford, Tesla, and Rivian continued to spend money to lobby against the legislation. 

Despite the efforts of the auto industry, bi-partisan support for the legislation continues to grow. We now have 239 co-sponsors for H.R.3413, which constitutes a majority of the House of Representatives. We also have 47 co-sponsors in the Senate (S. 1669). We are hoping to move the bills in the late spring or early summer.

You can see the article in Radio Ink here

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