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Nielsen Pulls Out of Two NY Radio Markets

A recent article in Inside Radio noted that Nielsen is planning to discontinue its radio ratings services in several markets. This includes two radio markets in New York. According to the article in Inside Radio:

“Nielsen will discontinue its radio ratings service in seven diary markets effective with the start of the spring 2023 survey. The radio metros being canceled are Abilene, TX; Elmira-Corning, NY; Florence-Muscle Shoals, AL; Lake Charles, LA; Olean, NY; Rapid City-Spearfish, SD; and Wichita Falls, TX.

Nielsen informed clients of the canceled markets in a product notification Wednesday.

Consistent with its policy regarding canceled Metros, subscribers in the affected markets must stop using audience estimates for the markets as of Tuesday, Aug. 1. The reason for that, Nielsen says, is that “canceled Radio Metros may contain outdated (stale) data that are no longer current.”

You can see the complete article in Inside Radio here.



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