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NAB Issues a Report on AM Radio Public Safety Importance

Support continues to build for the AM Receiver for Every Vehicle Act. In the Senate, the bill (S 1669) has 45 co-sponsors. In the House, the legislation, H.R. 3413, has 199 co-sponsors. The size of this support should be sufficient to move the legislation forward.   


As part of the effort to support AM Radio, NAB has published a new report highlighting the importance of AM. In releasing the report, NAB stated:

“When disaster strikes, AM radio has proven time and again its invaluable role as a source of factual, authoritative, up-to-the-minute information that saves lives,” said NAB President and CEO Curtis LeGeyt.  “It is also a home to a diversity of programming that is often unavailable on other mediums and particularly important to otherwise underserved communities. It is critical that Congress address the need for AM radio capability in vehicles to ensure Americans can turn to local AM stations when they need them the most.”

The report is valuable when discussing AM radio with Washington and Albany policymakers. We will be sending a Report to the New York congressional delegation.


You can see the report, “AM is Vital to Ensuring Public Safety” here.  



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