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Listening on Traditional Radio Dominates, but Streaming is Increasing

An article in Inside Radio reported on the results of the latest Edison Research’s “Share of the Ear Study." While the overwhelming majority of listeners use traditional radio, the number of folks listening via streaming is increasing, especially among young listeners. The Article stated:

“According to the third-quarter 2022 findings from Edison Research's ongoing “Share of Ear” study, 12% of listening to broadcast radio in the U.S. among persons 13+ now takes place online while 88% is done using a traditional AM/FM receiver. However the online portion jumps to 20% among persons 25-54. Men are clearly driving this growth, with their streaming share going from 9% in 2016 to 28% in 2022, vs. 6% to 10% among women 25-54. In just the past year, men 25-54's streaming share jumped from 18% to 28%, while women's share has stayed steady since 2020.”

You can see the complete article in Inside Radio here.



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