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FTC Issues Report on AI's Impact On Creative Businesses

In December, the Federal Trade Commission issued a report based on a round table discussion on AI that was held last October. The report focused on the potential impact of AI on the creative community and businesses. The round table consisted of twelve participants who represented a wide variety of creative professions. It included visual artists, screenwriters, actors, programmers, editors, musicians, and models. According to the December Report:

“During the event, participants acknowledged the potential benefits of generative AI tools, and many had a long history of incorporating new technologies in their practices. Participants also described concerns about the ways generative AI could be an avenue for their own exploitation. Though participants came from different fields, a few consistent themes emerged:

  • Concerns about how their work was being collected and used to train generative AI models;

  • The impact that generative AI outputs are already having on their industry and livelihoods;

  • Issues associated with solutions being proposed by AI companies to address creators’ concerns; and

  • Alternative approaches that creators are pursuing to protect themselves and their industry, including by enshrining their right to choose whether they want to use AI in their work through union contracts.”

The report provides interesting insights into the issues surrounding AI and the creative community. There is no doubt that these issues will ultimately arise as part of the broadcasting business.

You can see the FTC’s report here.



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