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Local radio and television broadcasters occupy a critical role during emergencies. We are the “First Informers” connecting our communities to public safety officials. Our news coverage serves as government officials' “eyes and ears” during a crisis. During emergencies, many stations provide uninterrupted life-saving information. Our one-to-many broadcast system allows us to simultaneously send detailed emergency messages to all New Yorkers free of charge. We are founding partners in the state AMBER Alert program and fully support programs to help vulnerable persons.

FCC Issues New EAS Handbook

The New York State EAS Plan is in the process of being revised and reviewed by the FCC.


  • Federal Emergency Alert System (EAS): NYSBA works closely with FEMA, the FCC, and other federal officials to ensure a fully functional emergency alert system is in place throughout New York State. Federal emergency messages are received by key broadcast stations throughout the state and transmitted to the public through a radio and TV stations network.

To access a copy of the New York State Emergency Plan click here.
  • State and Local Emergency Alert Systems: NYSBA works with the NY State Division of Homeland Security, New York City’s Office of Emergency Management, and other local jurisdictions to ensure that state and local emergency communications systems are operational.​

  • AMBER Alerts: NYSBA is a founding member of the AMBER Alert Program in the state of New York. When an AMBER Alert is issued, local stations relay the necessary information. Over the years, this system has saved hundreds of lives.

Click here for more information regarding AMBER Alerts.


  • Vulnerable Persons Alerts: NYSBA fully supports new laws to help find missing vulnerable persons. The new system will save lives and is important to our communities.

Click here for information regarding Vulnerable Person Alerts.

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